Main Kennels

We have bright and spacious indoor/outdoor runs which easily accommodate any size or breed of dog. The outdoor portion of the run is like a patio, completely covered by a roof so they are protected from rain or too much of our Texas sunshine. The indoor portion, connected by a doggie door, is fully air-conditioned and heated and has a raised hammock-type bed for your pet to rest and sleep on. Each evening we meticulously set-up the beds for our guests, complete with their blankets, toys, and treats to boot!

picture of kennel


indoor side of kennels


Exercise and TLC

All of our guests are treated with VIP status. This includes a minimum of 4 playtimes a day included in our daily rate, individually or by family, to sniff, take care of business, play and run. Exercise time is always supervised, with lots of human interaction and TLC. So everyone has plenty of space to run and play, we have 11 different play yards just off the main kennel building, covering 2 gorgeous country acres. The lawns are rigorously tended and there are big shade trees to rest and relax under. For entertainment, we have balls, Frisbees, toys, and lots of good, old-fashioned cuddle time.

Cleanliness and Quality Control

Our cleaning procedures are impeccable. We use a hospital grade disinfectant/detergent to clean the kennel, inside and out, each day, that is not a harmful irritant to dog’s skin or nose. Customers frequently comment, “This place is cleaner than my house!” Walkabouts are done continually throughout the day to look for “accidents” and to keep water bowls full and fresh.