Full Service Grooming for All Breeds

We offer full service grooming for all breeds. Bring your dogs and cats for salon services, including our well known bath and blow dry. We use only the best all natural products, with silk conditioners for everyone. We hand dry to remove all loose hair and undercoat. Nail clipping and ear cleaning are all standard. Deep conditioning treatments with massage are available to those wanting major spoilage!

Exit baths are optional, but highly recommended. Rates for grooming and bathing are based on breed, coat condition, and temperament.


About Flea Control

Because so many of our guests are on monthly flea and tick control, we do not have a blanket entry bath requirement. All of our guests are fully inspected at check-in. If fleas, flea eggs and/or ticks are found, an entry bath will be required and additional charges will be incurred. We use all natural, organic products for this purpose. They take a little longer in the application phase than chemical dips, but are just as effective and far safer to use.