Hours & Check In


Office Hours:

Monday – Friday  |  7am – 6 pm

Saturday  |  7am – 1pm

Sunday  |  3pm – 6pm

Check In

Parkland prefers that you check-in as early as possible, but we do accept check-ins up until 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, until 1:00 pm on Saturday and from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm on Sunday. A charge is always incurred for the incoming day and we like plenty of time to see that our guests are comfortable and settled before days end. Checkout time is 1:00pm, Mon-Sat.  Guests checking out after 1:00pm will incur a charge for the outgoing day.   Guests checking out on Sunday automatically incur a charge for that day.

Although the kennel is staffed and operated 7 days per week, we ask that drop off and pickup be done within our established office hours. Out-of-hour services are highly discouraged because of the disruption to our guests, the pet care routine and office staff scheduling. If you must pick-up or drop-off at a time when the office is normally closed, an out-of-hour surcharge will be applied.

Office hours may vary around major holidays, so be sure to check for changes if scheduling during one of those times.  We can be reached at (281)342-0852